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Support our coffee farm

Finca Soledad is a coffee farm in northern Ecuador Intag valley . We where just struck by a mayor disaster as heavy rains destroyed our only access road

Proyectos Sociales Intag valley, Ecuador
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Esta Campaña comenzó en febrero 2, 2022 y cerrará en marzo 4, 2022.

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Support our coffee farm

We work on a coffee farm project started on 2010. Our main goal was to create an ecological environment and to support our comunity by providing work mainly to singles moms of our parish .

Even during Covid we kept all our staff working in order to ensure their income , a great economic effort .

We ve produced high quality coffees that are served worldwide through our partners to responsible consumers ….

Intag valley is a world heritage ecological site , heavily under pressure by large scale open pit mining projects …

Productive farms as our provides income and hope to many families of the Parish therefore an alternative to those mining projects .

We were recently struck by a major naturai disaster and lost access to our farm

We ask the world coffee community and friends to for help in order to rebuild the road and try to secure the 2022 harvest we ve worked so hard on. 

The damage is severe , structural and mayor concrete walls need to be built . The upper section of the road is also very unstable as it’s a ridge and it’s about to collapse 

All donations will go directly into rebuilding efforts , to buy steel , cement , and related road engineering .

we can’t thank enough your support to save our coffee farm and families .




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